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"Our Obsession is Your Tone" ..... Let us obsess over your tone.... providing excellent guitar effect pedals for your tone!! We feature Godbox Fx and Mojo Hand Fx... two of the industry's premier effect pedal  manufacturers.

God Complex by Godbox Fx

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God Complex.jpg

God Complex by Godbox Fx

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Take your tone to the next level with the God Complex. The God Complex is an all silicone version of the classic Arbiter Fuzz Face design where the input control is what is called the "MAYER" mod. This control adjusts the signal coming into the circuit and can allow you to go from more fuzz to more OD, and subtle shades in between. A Voltage Sag option is available for the GC. It is a added pot/knob on the output side face of the pedal. It will allow you to adjust the voltage from the full on 9v, down to about 4.5v (ish). This added feature allows you to starve the circuit similar to a dying battery. You get more textures as you lower the voltage. As you get down to about 4.5v or so, you get velcro, zipper, mosquito, and gated sounds.  As with all GC Series pedals the NPD switch kicks in the hard clipper for more of what you’re looking for…. FACE MELTING FUZZ!!

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Please note: All GBFX pedals are made by hand, all components are hand sorted and selected, the PCB is created and hand populated, graphics applied, enclosure powder coated... as such some times slight cosmetic variances are possible. While perfection exists on the inside of the box... the outside of each one may have a little "character". It is your assurance that indeed every single GBFX pedal is 100% handmade right here in the good old USA. Standard lead time for all Godbox Fx products is stock to 14 days. Excellence takes a little time.... we will ship it as fast as we possible can!! usually less than 7 days... sometimes we get backed up.... let us know if you have any questions .... Thank you for your support!!